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The Greatest Drunk on Earth: Andre the Giant | Modern ... His parents named him Andre Rene Rousimoff, but we knew him as The Eighth Wonder of the World, Andre the Giant. For two decades, from the late 1960s through the mid 1980s, Andre the Giant was the highest paid professional wrestler in the business and a household name across the globe. Andre the Giant vs Shaq : whowouldwin - reddit Murdoch and Mulligan, who had nearly drowned, weren’t so sure, but neither messed with Andre the Giant again." Shaq might be 7' tall, but Andre would still tower over him. Shaq is an athelete, but so was Andre. And Andre was a trained fighter, his two favourite things in the world were alcohol and wrestling.

Apr 7, 2016 ... WWF, 1982 – The World Wrestleing Federation held regular monthly events at the legendary Madison Square Garden throughout most of their ...

Andre the Giant Record Book - The Clawmaster's Archives ... Andre The Giant vs Blackjack Mulligan Dino Bravo vs Missouri Mauler Jacques Goulet & Scott Irwin vs Tully Blanchard & Ted Oates Mr Sato vs George Two Ton Harris 11/20/77 Asheville, NC @ Civic Center (Afternoon Show) Ricky Steamboat & Wahoo McDaniel & Andre The Giant beat Ric Flair & Greg Valentine & Blackjack Mulligan

Apr 2, 2018 ... It's more a WWE-approved story of "Andre the Giant" than it is the story of ... his fight with Blackjack Mulligan or his issues with Bad News Brown.

15 Oct 2015 ... A very unique, star studded tag team bout sees Andre the Giant & Blackjack Mulligan face off against Ric Flair and Ken Patera. This is house ... Big John Studd vs Blackjack Mulligan - YouTube

Ric Flair Told An Epic Andre The Giant Story That Got Cut…

WWE is saddened by the news that Robert Windham, aka WWE Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan, has passed away. Andre the Giant | Documentaries | HBO Learn more about the HBO documentary Andre the Giant. Series. Movies ... The WWE Hall of Famer shares the time Andre taught Dick Murdoch and Blackjack Mulligan not to ... Andre the Giant & BlackJack Mulligan vs. Ric Flair & Ken…